A Locked Co-op Mystery



In my latest short story, published this week in Mystery Weekly magazine, the mayor was alone in the locked apartment where his family had once lived. The crowd of people outside had watched him enter and would swear no one had gone in before or after him. But he was dead.

A Locked Co-op Mystery, is another adventure for Rebecca Butler and other characters in Murder is Uncooperative, a housing co-op mystery.




The Desperate and the Damned

I have a new short story, Stealth,  just out in The Desperate and the Damned, a new anthology published by Toe Six Press. In this story, a vulnerable woman struggles with the paranoia of dementia, but what if the threat is real?

Some helpful advice on conferences

I’m really looking forward to going to Left Coast Crime next week. And I’ll be happy to see so many of my fellow writers and catch up with them. I have met some wonderful people at conferences, participating in author speed-dating, chatting at the dinner table or hanging out in the bar at the end of the day.

But, for someone who spends a lot of the time alone with my computer, I do sometimes find it all a bit overwhelming and really want to just hide in my hotel room.

So I was delighted to get Jane Friedman’s newsletter today with very pertinent information on schmoozing for introverts. I found it a helpful reminder of how I really should be spending my time at conferences, so I thought I’d share it with my fellow introverts.

Maybe we’ll find ourselves chatting together soon.

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Short story panel at Left Coast Crime

I’m looking forward to Left Coast Crime next week, when hundreds of crime fiction writers and readers will gather together in beautiful Vancouver. On Friday at 9 am, I’ll be on a panel on Short Fiction & Novellas, along with moderator Kate Thornton, M.H. CallwayMiriam Clavir, and DJ Wiseman. We’ll be talking about short stories and big ideas.

The conference is only open by registration but it’s still possible to register for just a day or for the whole conference. If you do, Miriam Clavir and I are hosting an author’s table at the banquet on Saturday night. I hope you’ll join us.