Other writing

I love short stories and have published a number of them, in addition to travel pieces and other non-fiction.

Here are some of my recent publications:

The Flamingo Diamond, now available  in The People’s Friend Special 179

A Locked Co-op Mystery, now out in the June 2019 issue of  Mystery Weekly

Edie, coming soon from Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine

Stealth, in The Desperate and the Damned from Toe Six Press

Where I get my ideas and what if, blog on Killer Crafts and Crafty Killers

The Way to a Man’s Heart on Mysteryrat’s Maze podcast.

Thanksgiving treats and threats, Kings River Life magazine

The Mercy Killer, now available on Mysteryrat’s Maze podcast.

The Way to a Man’s Heart, Over My Dead Body, 2017

Romans influence plain to see in many parts of Spain, Postmedia News, 2015